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  • Alrighty, film club tomorrow! You know what that means? It means a whole bunch of things, GREAT THINGS! Here’s why:

    1. We’re filming something I wrote.
    2. After a group vote, and one of our cast members bailing on us, they’d like me to take over the lead female role.
    3. We have an entire cast and crew ready to rehearse tomorrow. 
    4. Even though we have zero funding, the theatre dept. is allowing us to use their props/wardrobe/etc.
    5. Not only have I taken my future in my hands and started to make my dreams come true, I’m helping others accomplish their goals, and if that isn’t a beautiful thing, I don’t know what is.
    6. Gossamer Man is coming soon to a youtube channel near you!
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    1. luckyboots said: I’ll hold the boom mic. Way over here. On the East Coast.
    2. toppermostpoppermost said: I wish I could join your film club.
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